Golf is a sport that most people know for being somewhat long drawn out, but any person who watches or practices golf knows that there is a lot more behind it than meets the eye. Golfers need to train a specific set of skills, just like any athlete, and for them to reach their potential they need special equipment as well. Here, we will take a look at 5 pieces of equipment that are essential for any person looking to practice golf.


While you might practice golf normally at a field that rents clubs, having your own set is a must if you’re serious about getting into the sport. Knowing your clubs and getting familiar with how they feel and how they swing makes the difference when stepping into the field for real. Different clubs of different types have traditionally accepted uses, but each golfer can build his own set of golf clubs according to how he uses them and how they work for him.


Evidently, golf balls are also a key element to the sport. As such, any aspiring golfer should make an effort to get his own supply of balls and make them their own. The standard white ball is the American standard used nowadays, and even though there are different manufacturers, the design remains largely the same without any large logos that might take away its necessary white color. When playing in a field where others are playing as well, it is advised to mark your balls to distinguish them from the rest.

Golf shoes

Like most sports, your physical performance will be noticeably affected by the kind of shoes you wear. Golf shoes with metal or non-metal cleats are necessary for full games and even when practicing because a golfer needs to feel the terrain and be able to stand firmly on any situation. Stability is important to get the desired strength and direction you want on any given shot. Never underestimate the role of shoes in sports!


Believe it or not, socks can be just as important as shoes in terms of sustained comfort throughout the game. Golfers, naturally, do a lot of walking around while playing to look for the perfect spot from where to shoot their shot, as well as walking from hole to hole. Distances are nothing too extreme, but during the warmer months of the year, if there are no golf carts available, a good pair of shoes and socks can make the game much more enjoyable.


Last but not least, golf tees. Although they might not be the first thing to spring to mind when talking about essential equipment to play golf, the role of tees is definitely relevant to the game. A golfer simply cannot advance from one hole to another without placing the ball on the tee box, reason for which it’s necessary that they carry tees along with them on their golf bag. On top of that, players should be mindful of the type and color of the tee, for they have different uses and meanings in the pro game.

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