When your toddler starts taking their first steps you are probably going to start wondering about when to retire the stroller and let them walk for themselves. This a delicate transition that needs to be handled carefully.

There is no universal rule about at what age children should stop using a stroller – it is all dependent on each child’s growth and abilities. Although many professionals agree that children past three years old shouldn’t need a stroller anymore. There are some signs you can watch out for that will indicate whether your child is ready to give up the comfort of one. If your child can walk long distances with relative ease and expresses the desire to explore their surroundings on their own, then they’re probably ready to become stroller-independent.

The dangers of overusing strollers

While strollers are very convenient for the parents because they can more easily control where their child is and what they’re doing, overusing strollers is a real disservice to the kids’ health.

Being confined to the stroller all the time isn’t good for the child’s mental development. Kids that can freely walk around develop a sense of curiosity and also a sense of direction. When they are left semi-alone (under adults’ watch, of course), they will also learn about navigating the environment they’re in. By keeping your child in a stroller, you strip them of the opportunity to develop these skills. Your child can grow stagnant and compliant with what they have instead of reaching out for the unknown and expressing their sense of freedom.

Not to mention that not walking is also detrimental to their physical health. Walking is a simple way for a child to get enough of the necessary exercise. If children spend most of the day sitting down, then they risk becoming intimidated by any form of exercise and in later life, might even develop a tendency for obesity.

How to transition from a stroller to walking?

The transition from stroller to feet looks different with every child. Some children don’t want to leave the comfort of being able to sit anywhere while other children will welcome the change and the opportunity to walk on their own. No matter which type your kid belongs to, a good idea for the duration of that transition period is to use a kids wagon. The best wagons are lightweight but sturdy enough to carry your child safely.

A wagon is a great transition vehicle to take with you on longer excursions or when you expect that your child might not be up to a whole day of walking just yet. If the kid gets tired and cranky, you can simply sit them in the wagon and transport them. Because it is a different vehicle from a stroller, the child will still be feeling the excitement of experiencing something new. They also will have a lot more freedom to look around them so they shouldn’t get bored. Additionally, a wagon can also be used to carry other luggage with you which is helpful on any trip.

The Unsung Hero

We’ve all had those busy mornings where the clock seems to be moving at the speed of light. You oversleep a few minutes, and your whole schedule gets out of whack! You wake up and rush to take a quick shower. By the time you’re all dressed and ready for the day, you don’t have any time to make breakfast. You chuck your laptop in your bag, along with your wallet and a banana or a breakfast bar. You’ll just eat on your way to work. You throw on your coat, sling your backpack over your shoulders, and out the door you go! On your commute, you stop for coffee – so the paper napkins and the receipt get stuffed in the front pocket of your rucksack. Busy mornings soon turn into busy afternoons, and suddenly you find yourself snacking out of your backpack all throughout the day. Yay for fruit and granola bars! By the time you get off work, the weather outside is a lot nicer. You take off your jacket, roll it up and jam it in your pack. You decide to stop by the grocery store on the way back to pick up some bits and bobs for dinner. No need for a bag –  you can just put that trusty knapsack of yours to good work! You can definitely start feeling the weight of everything you’ve shoved in there on your shoulders. But your hands are free and your posture is impeccable! No slouching or wrist pain from carrying heavy plastic bags!

Everyday Bag

Whether you have a long commute, go on day trips or travel a lot, a good backpack is an essential bit of kit. If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of single-compartment backpacks, where the simple task of finding a pen is as difficult as fishing for a needle in a haystack. Nothing but a swirling black hole of receipts, loose coins, and snack crumbs. Not good enough! Everyday carry backpacks – also known as EDC – are designed specifically to avoid overcrowding and messiness. If you tend to carry lots of tiny items like portable chargers, wires, pens, pocket-knives, bank cards, etc, you can buy a backpack that has tons of small pockets that help you find what you need quicker. If you have to lug big gear around with you – such as laptops or cameras, I’d suggest you go for one that has a dedicated laptop sleeve and 2-3 big compartments. This being said, the best edc backpack is the one that best suits your needs. Before you buy one, I suggest laying out everything you need to carrying around in front of you. That makes it easier to visualize it and form a clear mental image of what you’re looking for. And remember: the backpack you choose is going to do all the heavy lifting for you, so choose wisely!

Whether you are an aspiring musician who’s at the beginning of a fruitful career or a student who wants to learn some extra skills, there isn’t a better option to practice and develop your playing abilities than doing so on a digital keyboard. To what due? There are a few elements that recommend the electric keyboard for common use. For instance, this alternative provides many functions to explore, especially useful at the beginning of your musical road. Moreover, while acoustic pianos can be a bit tougher to exercise your novice hand, electric instruments tend to deliver easier playability. As an icing on the cake, digital keyboards are a great deal friendlier to your pocket, as they cost considerably less than the classical instrument.

If this description suits your expectancies, and you want to explore more of what a digital keyboard can deliver, this article is here to unload some essential factors to note before setting off to the market.

3 central factors to guide you to the right beginner’s keyboard

1. The Keys 

Unlike digital pianos that aspire to replicate the feel and sound of a real piano, an electric keyboard is centered on the learning process. Thus, the keys don’t weigh the same as acoustic keyboards do, mainly because it is more difficult to learn on keys that weight more. Although accustoming to the real feel of acoustic pianos may be harder after some time, the need will spring naturally after you gain some skills and proficiency.

2. Functions 

As a beginner, you don’t need too much exploration of sounds and over-complicated modes since your job is to get accustomed to playing in the usual tone. Thus you should keep it as simple as possible with not too many features to care about. However, one of the features you’ll find attractive is the ability to play with headphones, as electric keyboards provide a suitable jack.

3. Price 

You should avoid investing too much money on your digital keyboard since you don’t need the added features for the extra money. Moreover, if you spend less on your best beginner keyboard instrument, later, you’ll find it more comfortable to invest in a real piano.

Is there a best beginner keyboard?

There are certainly many competitive models to consider when lurking for the right digital instrument. We’be done our best to choose the model that integrates both great reviews and a workable system. Thus, our recommendation is the Rockjam 61-Key Piano Super Kit, due to the many great accessories it provides and outstanding functional benefits. This is a complete piano station that suits the early piano learners. It comes with a pair of headphones, a stool, and a power supply, thus establishing the bare necessities to start playing as soon as you unbox the package.

Also, if you think you’re ready to take the next step in your musical journey, you can check weighted keyboards on MrPianist that would immerse you in the real acoustic piano experience.  Due to the keys that mimic an acoustic piano’s keyboard, these weighted keyboards direct you naturally to what it means to play the piano.

If you’re not at that point in your life of making large investments especially on unprofessional matters, finding the proper item in an ocean of alluring products can be puzzling. This goes for gaming as well since the industry has rapidly developed in recent decades and largely caught the attention of every generation.

To help you out with finding an affordable youse gaming headset, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite models in the market today, along with the highlights of each model.

1. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

For a budget headset, Runmus proves itself an above-average model that caters to facilities any gamer would demand. Channeling all your attention to a game is usually a hassle when all sorts of noises come about. Runmus is an efficient sound-amplifier and makes sure to provide you with high-quality game experience. Starting from universal station compatibility to noise-isolating microphone and ergonomic design, this is easily one of the best low-price gaming headsets.

2. Mpow EG3 Pro 

One of the highlights of the EG3 Pro headset is the 50 mm speaker drivers that expand the sound resonance and facilitate proper immersion in the game. Since engaging in a mission requires all of your attention, headsets are a prerequisite for noise isolation. EG3 Pro is one of the models that display a noise-canceling microphone, along with over-ear comfortable pads that keep the sound inside.

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX is one of the best selling headset brands and our pick doesn’t disappoint by any chance. The model is compatible with any gaming station you or your peers might have and is set to provide you with a resonant gaming adventure. Regarding the design, Cloud Stinger is ergonomic enough to soonly forget you have them on your head. Additionally, the signature memory foam earpads filling maximizes the comfort while playing.

4. Youse Gaming Headset

By far the most convenient model on our list, Youse sells this gaming headset at a very accessible price and manages to provide reliable sound quality. While this is not a proficient headset, it is certainly one of the best middle-class gaming sets. Functionally-wise, the model provides a built-in mic to ensure a round gaming experience and easy communication with your peers. Regarding compatibility, you can opt for playing on play station, PC or Xbox, while staying connected through a 5-fit long wire for controlling the game from large distances.

5. Razer Kraken X Pc Headset

Kraken X guarantees deep immersion into the gaming experience. There are no constraints to this device, compatibility-wise. Not only can you connect it to any gaming station but it also proves to be a success regarding the quality of the structural technologies. At only 250 grams, the headset features custom-tuned 40 mm drivers that enhance the surround sound while playing the Pc. Other than that, Kraken X comes with a bendable noise-canceling microphone to easily and undisturbedly communicate with other players.

6. Onikuma PS4 Headset

This versatile headset boasts of an upgraded 7.1 Surround technology that enables a lively gaming experience. Compatibility-wise, you can connect the device on anything from Nintendo and X-box to PS, Pc, Android, and iOS. Besides, while the set is comfortable enough to not distract you from the gaming experience, the soft ear pads are thicker for better isolation of the sound.

The espresso machines are a special coffee maker used to make espresso, a strong drink of Italian coffee. The taste of espresso coffee is usually black, but steamed milk is often used for cooking specialty drinks such as cappuccino. A good shot of espresso has a concentrated layer of coffee oils on the surface of the espresso, which is a sign of a good espresso.

It is amazing to know that the largest equipment used in coffee bars is the espresso machines, the cup of coffee in which espresso is served is the smallest in the cafe. The coffee shops usually has a decorative demo version of the device, with an intricate plumbing scheme and several large rooms. In modern machines, the pumps are replaced by automatic pistons.

These Professional machines require water at a temperature below the boiling point to prepare a tasty beverage. The espresso machines are primarily used to prepare delicious espresso-based drinks such as mochas, latte, cappuccino, etc. Coffee shops use various methods to improve the taste of espresso.

Why are espresso machines expensive?

One of the biggest complaints about the espresso machines is its cost. Many would say that if costs were reduced dramatically, there would be more coffee machines at home. It is about this; not all companies want to cut prices so that everyone can buy machinery. Perhaps this is what helps your device get a little mystery and suspense – because not everyone has it.

One of the main reasons that espresso machines do not charge less on their computers is to produce a little more each year. For example, suppose a company can produce 5,000 coffee machines in a year.

Another reason that a coffee machine is expensive at times is that it is made by hand. The whole machine is very complex because it has many special parts.

The fact that most of the espresso makers that you find are imported makes also affects the overall cost of the machine. Of course, the initial price of the device is not just a matter of attention. You should see the whole picture.

The other reason for the high price of coffee machines may be the fact that there are few machines produced by the company each year. Complex machines are made by hand and consist of several specialized parts. The most important parts of the coffee machine are the fermentation unit, brass boiler, and brass and “port filter” made of nickel-plated copper to ensure thermal stability and maximum durability, helping to create a better “foam” and espresso.

The fact is that higher models are models that will benefit in the long run, although they seem very expensive. This low price does not guarantee profitability and is suitable for those who do not want to use the device amazingly.

Coffee lovers who want to use the machine every day should check all the information to ensure that their money is not wasted and that the best machine is found within the budget. Automatic coffee machines will enable people to drink espresso coffee at home. When buying a coffee machine, consider several factors, such as cost, consumption, and changing coffee machine options. Other factors such as warranty, boiler performance, water softener, and mill tank are features that should also be considered.

Golf is a sport that most people know for being somewhat long drawn out, but any person who watches or practices golf knows that there is a lot more behind it than meets the eye. Golfers need to train a specific set of skills, just like any athlete, and for them to reach their potential they need special equipment as well. Here, we will take a look at 5 pieces of equipment that are essential for any person looking to practice golf.


While you might practice golf normally at a field that rents clubs, having your own set is a must if you’re serious about getting into the sport. Knowing your clubs and getting familiar with how they feel and how they swing makes the difference when stepping into the field for real. Different clubs of different types have traditionally accepted uses, but each golfer can build his own set of golf clubs according to how he uses them and how they work for him.


Evidently, golf balls are also a key element to the sport. As such, any aspiring golfer should make an effort to get his own supply of balls and make them their own. The standard white ball is the American standard used nowadays, and even though there are different manufacturers, the design remains largely the same without any large logos that might take away its necessary white color. When playing in a field where others are playing as well, it is advised to mark your balls to distinguish them from the rest.

Golf shoes

Like most sports, your physical performance will be noticeably affected by the kind of shoes you wear. Golf shoes with metal or non-metal cleats are necessary for full games and even when practicing because a golfer needs to feel the terrain and be able to stand firmly on any situation. Stability is important to get the desired strength and direction you want on any given shot. Never underestimate the role of shoes in sports!


Believe it or not, socks can be just as important as shoes in terms of sustained comfort throughout the game. Golfers, naturally, do a lot of walking around while playing to look for the perfect spot from where to shoot their shot, as well as walking from hole to hole. Distances are nothing too extreme, but during the warmer months of the year, if there are no golf carts available, a good pair of shoes and socks can make the game much more enjoyable.


Last but not least, golf tees. Although they might not be the first thing to spring to mind when talking about essential equipment to play golf, the role of tees is definitely relevant to the game. A golfer simply cannot advance from one hole to another without placing the ball on the tee box, reason for which it’s necessary that they carry tees along with them on their golf bag. On top of that, players should be mindful of the type and color of the tee, for they have different uses and meanings in the pro game.

Applying self-tanner is a great way to get an awesome glow without putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer from the sun or from the tanning bed. However, it can be a little tricky to get a natural look with self-tanner. There are several things you can do to help the process go a little smoother. Following are on how to apply self-tanner.


Today, we have so many options in self-tanning products, including lotions, gels, mousses, and aerosol sprays. All of them have positive results, it’s a matter of personal preference. For those terrified of not getting an even look, try an aerosol product such as Clinique Self Sun Body Airbrush Spray. It’s easy to apply evenly and doesn’t have a strong odour like other products. Your drugstore also offers good aerosol products including Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray, which is almost 100% alcohol-free and even sprays upside-down.


To ensure an even, natural-looking tan, apply self-tanners to clean, exfoliated, and moisturized skin. Dry patches on your skin, especially in areas such as knees and elbows, will absorb more product than a moisturized area. People get dark splotches when self-tanning because their skin isn’t evenly moisturized, and the product soaks into some areas more than others. Before self-tanning, use an exfoliator such as The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Scrub.


When applying sunless tanners, work from the ground up, starting with your legs and feet and working your way up your body. Work with small areas at a time, for example, do one leg and foot before starting the other. Remember the idea is to apply the product evenly. If you’re nervous about getting even results, you can mix equal parts of your chosen tanning product and regular body lotion to dilute the tanning product a bit. Remember, you can always add more but you can’t remove it once you’ve applied.

So, start small when trying out a new product until you see its effect on your skin. Use sparingly around feet, ankles, elbows and wrists, and lightly apply the product to the tops of hands and feet only for a natural look. Wash the palms of your hands, in between your fingers, and around fingernails with soap and water when finished with the application to prevent tanned palms. Thoroughly read the manufacturers instructions, especially regarding how long to wait before getting dressed or touching fabric to prevent stains.


Again, follow the instructions on your tanning product, but generally, you will need to reapply your product every 1-4 days to maintain your tan. Keeping your skin moisturized will help your tan last longer and look healthier. Consider using a spray, dry oil after showering to lock in moisture and enhance the glow of your tan. My absolute favourite is Strawberry Champagne Body Dew. It smells amazing, gives your tan a red carpet glow, and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, but never greasy, all day long.

Final thoughts

You don’t necessarily have to go to a salon to apply self-tanners. You can find one product that is suited for your skin from your local druggist and you can apply the tanner on your body in the privacy of your home.

Saint Augustine is the county seat of St. John’s County, Florida. The city covers an area of eleven square miles and has a population of over twelve thousand people. Saint Augustine was founded in 1565 by the Spanish under Pedro Menéndez de Aviles. He first landed on the feast day of Augustine of Hippo and therfore named the city San Augustin. Twenty-one years later, the city was attacked by Sir Francis Drake, an English privateer. In 1668, it was attacked once again by another English privateer, Robert Searle and most of the residents of the city were slaughtered. The city would be attacked by British forces again in 1702 and then in 1740. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Florida would become a possession of the British Empire. Saint Augustine would become a loyalist colony to the British Crown all throughout the American Revolution. In 1783, Saint Augustine and the state of Florida would once again become a possession of the Spanish Crown.

Between 1784 and 1821, Florida remained under Spanish rule. During this period time, Spain was invaded by Napoleon and struggled to maintain control of its many colonies. As a result, Florida was no longer important to the Spanish Crown and the state was turned over to the United States in 1821. For the next twenty-four years, Florida remained a territory of the United States. Finally in 1845, Florida was granted statehood. In 1861, the American Civil War started and Florida seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. Union soldiers were able to seize the city the next year, and Florida remained in control of the Union for the duration of the war.

Several notable residents have resided in or was born in the city of Saint Augustine. These include poker player Jim Albrecht, historian David Nolan, football player Willie Galimore, Union General John M. Schofield, author Mary MacLane, soldier Richard Henry Pratt, scientist John C. Lilly, pianist Ray Charles, United States Congressman William H. Gray, musician Tom Petty, Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, hockey coach Murray Armstrong, pro wrestler Travis Tomko, baseball player Johnny Mize, U. S. senator & presidential candidate George McGovern, singer Tom Gabel, baseball player Cris Carpenter, artist Earl Cunningham, race car driver Scott Lagasse Jr., United States district judge Howell W. Melton and America’s first black general Jorge Biassou.

A popular attraction in the city is the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. This alligator park was opened in the spring of 1893 and is the oldest continuously running attraction in the state of Florida. The museum was started on Saint Augustine Beach as a way to get tourists to buy souvenirs and to visit the museum which was located there. Before long, the reptiles became the main attraction of the area and the park was moved to its current location during the 1920s. In September of 1992, the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park was listed as a United States Historic District. This park covers an area of twelve thousand square feet and has one building. Besides the twenty or so species of crocodiles that are contained here, the park also has a large variety of other animals. These include Long Tentacle Anemone, Black Percula Clownfish, Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Domino Damselfish, North American Wood Duck, Plush-Crested Jay, Moluccan Yellow Monitor, Amethystine Python, Centralian Carpet Python, Reticulated Python, New Guinea Blue-Tongued Skink, South American Red-Footed Tortoise, South American Yellow-Footed Tortoise, Yellow Spotted Amazon River Turtle and Bornean Crested Fireback Pheasants.

Another attraction in Saint Augustine that is quickly gaining popularity in the past few years is Lightner Museum. This museum is housed within historic Hotel Alcazar and contains a large collection of Victorian antiquities. This museum is spread out over three floors of the Hotel Alcazar and was built in the Spanish Renaissance style during 1887. Originally the hotel had sulfur baths, a steam room, the world’s largest indoor pool (at the time), a massage parlor and a gym. It was closed, however in 1932. Fourteen years later it was purchased by Otto C. Lightner as a way to display his extensive collection of artifacts. A couple of years later, he donated it to the city. The first floor of the museum contains a Victorian village and has shop fronts, rocks, minerals and shells. The museum also contains a small Egyptian mummy, paintings, sculptures, Neo-classical rocking chairs, stained glass windows, glass piston machine, Victorian glass blown objects, Art Nouveau Curio cabinet, shrunken heads and nineteenth century musical instruments.

The Spanish Military Hospital Museum is another prominent museum in the city of Saint Augustine. This museum is located at number three Aviles Street and contains a reconstructed military hospital that stands on the site of the Second Colonial Spanish Period. This museum gives an excellent representation of what a military hospital was like in the late eighteenth century and its many areas include Brain Surgery, Amputation, Dentistry and Bullet Removal.

Anastasia State Park is another famous attraction in the city. This park is located off of State Road A1A and is situated about a mile and a half from the downtown of the city. The park has many activities to offer visitors including swimming, picnicking, bird watching, surfing, kayaking, sun worship, sail boarding, fishing and camping. The park also has a number of campgrounds and splendid nature trails. It also has a ton of wildlife which includes birds, flora, fauna and wildlife spread out over different settings such as tidal marshes and beaches. Anastasia State Park was once a stone quarry and the stone that was removed from the area was used to build Castillo de San Marcos.